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We are a collective of friends based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal that come together to extend our conversations about erotisms and to carve out space to discover and exchange outside of the entertainment industry. We are currently all white queer trans settlers.

Post porn, to us, is a feminist approach to creating erotic works. Post-porn is creative, artistic, audacious, provocative and itches at our insides. It prioritizes the consent and empowerment of all those involved in the creative process both behind and in front of the camera. It is safer working conditions. It is showcasing bodies, desires and sexualities that are not given space to be seen and valued in porn and society. It seeks to be thoughtful and intentional, to honour and to humanize by considering how oppressive systems impact those involved and how they can be challenged in our artistic and intimate practices. The post porn that interests us is for freaks, weirdos and kinky witches. It is in no way intended to be pornographic in the mainstream sense of it.

Perverted Friendships, for us, is acknowledging the process of accepting our desires, our sexualities, our intimacies, our kinks, our non normative, weird, freaky and bizarre eroticisms. We want to share in the re-imagining of bodies, desires and sensations in celebration of honesty and consideration of what we have been asked to carry shame for and exploring what it would mean / look like / feel like / sound like to instead honour those desires and ways of being together. We are looking to see what is already out there and gather to share our artistic projects around post porn.

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